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Sandra SantoroAt Affordable Bails New York, Inc. we are family owned and operate across all of New York City and Long Island 24 hrs / 7 Days a week. We service all communities in Yonkers . We service all courts in Yonkers including the courts located on South Broadway. If you need a bail bond in Yonkers we are there for you.We are available to you 24 hours 7 days a week. When you call our number a real bail bond agent answers the phone. Once we determine how much the bail bond is, we create a plan along with you to get the bond posted and the person home. We are familiar with all the judges and attorneys who regularly practice in Yonkers. The members of the Affordable team have more than 40 years combined experience with the Criminal Justice system. When you engage our services a closely knit team immediately springs into action assisting you to navigate the criminal justice process while quickly and efficiently bailing your loved one.We offer a free bail consultation and with Affordable, you can be confident that we will always be here for you, your family and friends as our offices are designed to privately and discreetly handle your personal bail transactions in a clean and comfortable suite setting, unlike the ‘check cashing place/bullet proof glass’ appearance of conventional Bail Bondsman.

We are available to you 24 hours 7days a week at 1-888-932-2458 to speak to a live agent

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